July 1935 Interior of the Norwood Foundr


Norwood Foundry was founded in 1905 in Edmonton, Alberta. Five years after it had been established, Norwood was bought by Ernest Buker, who operated the business for fifty years. In the early days of Norwood, there was an agricultural focus on the products that were produced, namely cast iron. After world war one, production expanded into stove and furnace parts, as well as municipal castings. During the second world war there was growing demand for business and the company expanded, leading to the purchasing of Garvie Bolton Foundry and Coutts Machinery Company Ltd. In 1950, Norwood bought the Edmonton Foundry, resulting in the operation of plants at three different sites. To streamline operations, the Garvie Bolton plant was closed in 1952 and amalgamated with one of the other locations. The Norwood plants produced cast iron castings as well as brass and aluminum work.


In 1978 a new plant opened in Nisku. The modern facility produced castings in high-alloy irons, which were melted in electric induction furnaces. The oil industry was thriving, and was a primary market for Norwood. Norwood also produced virtually all the castings for the waterworks industry. In 1992, an addition was made to the Nisku plant, which lead to the closure of the original operation on 91st Street and 111th Avenue. At that time, the location had been operating for seventy years and was very well integrated into the community. The closure of the operation was headline news.


Presently, Norwood has been operating for 115 years and continues to produce castings for the construction, industrial, manufacturing, and oil and gas industries. Today we are dedicated to serving all of Western Canada’s infrastructure needs with expertise, quality craftsmanship, and excellent customer service, just as we have been for the past six generations.

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